PFS provides the best fitness management solutions to micro-gym owners.

Pre-Opening Consulting

Site Selection

Site selection may be the most important thing a new gym owner must consider. We can take your new potential site and compare its demographics, costs, and metrics to our best performers. This process is mostly science but there is some art. We can help with both. 

Hiring Staff

Utilizing a proven pre-screening, assessment, and interview process, we hire quality employees that exhibit the traits needed to be successful in your clubs.

Training Staff

Our playbook works. We implement it by utilizing multimedia training resources, hands-on training, role-play, and ongoing development. We train our staff to think and operate like owners.

Equipment Selection & Layout

Equipment selection and facility layout plays a large role in club performance. We design cost-effective, training-centric layouts and equipment packages that encourage Fitness Coaching, member retention, and a goal-oriented environment.

Development of Fitness Coaching Programs

“Personal Training” is a thing of the past. Modern, progressive Fitness Coaching is what your customers want. Our programming and Fitness Coach training get results, encourage referrals, and retain clients.

Grand Opening Marketing Plan

Launching your new gym the right way is vital to long term success. We’ll make sure your marketing plan is sufficient and sound, and that you are prepared to handle the new members that are about to come through your doors.


Ready To Get Started?

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Club Management

Full Time Club Staffing

Never worry about who’s going to be staffing your facilities. We develop a deep enough bench to always provide adequate staffing.


We combine traditional, proven marketing methodology with effective collateral materials, targeted social media campaigns, and low cost/high yield guerrilla marketing.

Detailed Budgeting

PFS will develop annual budgets for your club. We will sit with you as an owner to approve the budget which will be our guide for the next 12 months.

Bill Payment & Monthly P&L Generation

PFS will provide book keeping services to include payment of all bills. From this we are able to provide monthly P&Ls included in your owner’s report. These P&Ls are then compared to the budgets to guide our management and marketing efforts.